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Getting Your Life Back after Herpes

After your get the diagnosis of herpes the worst part for many isn’t just the pain, or possible embarrassment. It’s figuring out how to move on, and live your life with this diagnosis. For many the desire to keep this problem private can lead to feeling isolated and alone. What’s important to know is that you aren’t alone, and thousands of others are experiencing the same situation. This condition affects roughly 20% of the adult population. Its entire possible you know several people with herpes who has never mentioned it. This condition doesn’t mean you can’t date, socialize, and have many great times in your life.

Living a normal life with herpes

Living a normal life with herpes


How Do I…?

When you consider the many times you want to ask how to do something that was once simple like going out on a date, or deciding if you wanted to get to know someone better, consider you aren’t alone. Others are asking the same question, and some have found their own answers. Support groups are a place where you can ask questions, get feedback, and help others as you navigate through the diagnosis of herpes.

When Will I…?

Dating with herpes can feel like you’re walking through a minefield. First, you might feel betrayed in some way. Often, the diagnosis of herpes comes with a revelation that someone wasn’t completely truthful, or responsible toward you. You might have trouble with trusting others, and again, finding herpes support groups can help. You can also have some feedback on how to tell others about your diagnosis. Rejection is a fact when dating without herpes, and often when you disclose this, you will find those who suddenly “just want to be friends.” You might feel prosecuted, or that being honest, and responsible only leads to rejection. In support and through dating websites you will find this isn’t true. There are many men and women who will find you just as interesting, and want to date you as before the diagnosis. The key is to look for them.

Dating’s Not Limited

You aren’t limited to only dating those who share your diagnosis, but finding others who have this condition helps in sparing both of you the natural dilemma of when and how to share personal information. Having that first talk on a date isn’t fun, and when you want to simply experience the fun of dating, finding a special person who you share many similarities is possible through herpes dating sites.

What to Look for in Herpes Support Groups and Herpes Dating Sites

Herpes support groups should allow you as much privacy as you want. You should never feel that you must disclose more personal information than makes you comfortable. Likewise, you should feel safe on a herpes dating site. Herpes dating site that allow you to instant message, blogging, as well as sending and receiving email gives you a chance to get to know others before agreeing to a date. Getting your life back may take time, and seem very different at first, but you are the same person as before your diagnosis. You deserve to have fun, and feel secure in meeting new, interesting people.