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Herpes Diagnosis: How to Get Tested for Herpes

Herpes is a serious disease which is both harmful and deadly in some serious cases. Dating someone with herpes requires a proper precaution because this might lead to hassles and problems during and after the date. In some cases, the infected person might not be aware of if he or she has already the disease or what kinds of test is needed to be able to know if a person has the herpes virus.

Prolonging the disease without the proper diagnose might lead to other serious complications which are incurable and might also result to death. It is better to have the proper herpes diagnosis if you are dating a woman with herpes; here are the tests that are very essential for a person to know if he or she is infected with the herpes virus.

Herpes Tests

  • PCR blood test

The PCR blood test gives an accurate result if the person you are dating has the herpes virus. This test is very reliable for it tracks the herpes virus in a person’s DNA and shows the findings in an efficient and fast manner as possible. The location of the virus adds to the thought that a person has the herpes virus. This is commonly used as a method of diagnosis in many hospitals and clinics around the world.

  • Cell Culture

In this method of diagnosis, a licensed health provider takes cell samples through a sore and then looks at it in under the microscope.  In this way, the herpes simplex virus is determined and analyzed.

  • Antibodies tests

This kind of test is also used to diagnose if a person is positive with the herpes virus. Antibodies are produced by the immune system to fight any kind of bacteria or virus that might enter the body. This test is done directly by adding solution that contains HSV antibodies as well as a fluorescent dye to sample cells. If a herpes virus is mainly present in the sample, the antibodies will stick to it and it will glow if viewed under a specific microscope.

These tests at some cases might show negative cases but it doesn’t mean that dating women with herpes is safe or has no assurance of infection. The tests might vary and if the infected person has a wound that is healing, the antibodies containing the herpes virus might show up after a week or two. In this case, herpes testing is required.

Dating someone with herpes is a serious matter that needs to be taken note of. It is very harmful just to make physical contact with the infected person. You must set an advice for her to undergo these diagnostic tests as possible. This is essential to avoid further infection of the virus. One can’t be sure if the one he is dating has the herpes virus. There is always a need for diagnosis and lot of credible measures to prevent and cure it. All must be aware of the complications brought by the herpes disease.